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The UKs specialist slingshot dealer. We stock the very best slingshots in the world. Please note that you MUST be over 18 to order from this site.

Slingshots or Catapults Slingshots or catapults can be extremely dangerous and must be used responsibly. All the slingshots featured here are DEADLY weapons and must be treated with respect.

The invention of rubber (and later, and more importantly latex) gave rise to a method of launching a projectile. It does what its name suggests and literally slings the shot or ammunition, hence slingshot. In Britain we tend to use the term catapults which is more commonly associated with this type of device. Generations of Beano readers seeing Denace the Menace with his trusty catapult hanging from his back pocket.

Slingshots or catapults (they are the same thing) have been improved and developed a LONG way from the traditional "Y" shaped stick and rubber band. With the high flexibility and elasticity of surgical latex rubber a new breed of slingshot was born. So much power could be achieved from this new system that most peoples wrist strength simply couldn't cope with the draw weight (the amount of "pull") which lead to the invention of the wrist brace. Once the wrist brace slingshot was invented, the diameter of the latex could be increased and even MORE power developed from the slingshot - because it was so easy to pull back. Next came dramatic improvements in accuracy. As the wrist brace slingshot gave power, the balance weights and sights improved overall accuracy.

A modern, professional, slingshot (any that you find on this site) is so powerful that it can be used for hunting wildlife. It is an efficient killing machine - launching a steel ball bearing, almost silently, at incredible velocity. Hunting vermin with a slingshot has become very popular in the UK.

Practice with targets first and ALWAYS ALWAYS use your slingshot responsibly. Slingshots are deadly weapons and need respect. Check what is BEHIND your target - the ammunition will travel an incredible distance. Watch out for ricochets too! Catapults deliver steel or lead at such high speeds they are likely to rebound and take your eye out if you shoot something solid. I once stood a can on top of an old car wheel (and tire) and the pumped up tire made the perfect trampoline. The steel ball returned at virtually the same speed it left and made me scream like a girl (no offence girls!). Never EVER point or fire a slingshot at another person or use it to injure or kill peoples pets. Just because a cat has just taken a poo in your garden DOES NOT give you the right to blast it with a steel ball bearing. If a rat looks at you a bit funny though... it could be a different story...

Barnett Diablo Slingshot / Catapult
Price: £29.95£24.95Save: 17% off
Barnett Pro-Diablo 2 Slingshot / Catapult
Price: £34.49£29.95Save: 13% off

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